bring the good vibes to you!

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Book dani for your next event!

Want to add an element to your event that our guests will be talking about for years to come?!

Whatever the occasion, I can bring my special brand of accessible, unintimidating, super fun magic to entertain your guests through tarot and/or crystal readings! My set-up is quick and easy, which allows you to focus on your party while your guests are entertained!

Perfect for birthday, bachelorette, holiday parties and corporate events!

Party Package Option One:

This is perfect for corporate events or hosts that want to cover readings for their guests. $95 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours. Readings are typically 15 minutes per person, but can be longer if requested. 2 hours will typically cover 6-8 guests.

Party Package Option Two:

This package allows attendees to pay for their own readings. Readings are $30 per guest with a minimum of 6 guests receiving readings.

Only available locally at this time (Columbus,Ohio area)



The Good Vibes Hive would love to collaborate and bring my signature “WooWoo 101” series to your space! Perfect for yoga studios, salons, co-working spaces, and boutiques!

The self-care and mindfulness movements are booming right now and there’s no sight of them losing momentum! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to offer your clients a way to learn more about how they can incorporate metaphysical tools and rituals into their day to support them in living their best life in an environment they already trust!? Curious about the what, when, why, and how of things; like manifestation, crystals, and energy clearing? Want to build a community of like-minded individuals who won’t look at you like you’re crazy when you start talking about chakras and moon cycles?

“Woo Woo” is defined as unconventional beliefs, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine. Traditionally the term is used with negative connotations, but I’m taking it back! (It’s just too fun to say!) So let’s collaborate and offer your clients an opportunity to learn the basics in a fun, non-intimidating environment, and get their Woo on!

Who? Dani Sage: Modern Mystic, Crystal Healer, and owner of the Good Vibes Hive

What? Woo Woo 101: A 90 minute introduction into topics like crystals and manifestation. Can be customized for specific themes like (crystals and mindfulness, crystals for living intentionally, crystals for self-care) to best serve your clients!

Why? Wouldn’t it be great to support your clients on their path to living their most intentional, best life; or to give your business more exposure by offering an event with such a hot following right now?!

How? Dani will bring everything she needs to your space to offer your clients an awesome, educational event! You just have to let them know about it through whatever communication channel your clients already trust you through!

When? Contact Dani for information about package options and to plan your event!