Good Vibes Hive Manifesto:

Good Vibes Hive can be found when hard work, hustle and your inner Miranda Priestly collide with self care, spirituality and your inner Goddess. When you value authenticity and empathy, but know the importance of a chic handbag and a glass of Veuve Clicquot. When you get as much pleasure from standing over the sink eating ice cream out of the pint, as you get from an eight course chef’s tasting at a James Beard award winning restaurant. If you’re just as likely to go for a tarot reading as you are to go for a pedicure, you’ve come to the right place!


About Dani Sage:

about me

I haven't always been the Queen Bee of my life, for a long time I allowed myself to be comfortable just being another worker in the background what others (family, significant others, bosses...) reaped the benefits. It wasn't until I started living authentically, manifesting my best life through love, light, and a little hard work, that life became as sweet as honey!

I now own the home of my dreams, a successful nail salon business, a boutique candle company, and a "girl boss magic" mentoring service, where I empower creative women with a purpose to be their most authentic, successful and inspiring versions of themselves!

The world is a better place with more Queen Bees, boss ladies, creative babes, and all around bad ass women! There are more than enough seats at the table for all of us! Want to leave the salon that takes 60% of your income and open your own place? Do it! Want to spend your days as a boudoir photographer, making women feel like the goddesses they are? Buy that camera! Want to turn your jewelry making hobby into a thriving full time business? Open up that Etsy shop!

Need support while you change your life and chase your dreams from someone who's been there? I'm your girl! What's holding you back?