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Thank you so much for your Gems With Benefits purchase and welcome to the world of woo! I’m so excited to support you on your journey to amplify you intentions and manifest your best life!

These extra goodies are my special gift to you, so please don’t share this link!

Below is additional content to support and amplify each collection! Use the recommended drink pairings, high vibe playlists, and additional affirmations and rituals to make your new collection even more valuable and powerful!

  • Drink Pairings: AM and PM pairings for each collection. Think of these as the perfect compliment to a magical cheese plate, and I’m your crystal sommelier! These drinks pair well with high vibes and manifesting your goals!

  • Playlists: Everyone needs a little help to get into the the zone sometimes, and I find there’s no better way than music! Blast these curated playlists when you need to amp up the vibes!

  • Affirmations: Your thoughts become reality so there’s no better way to manifest results than to say it, believe it, achieve it!

  • Rituals: Setting intentions and then putting those intentions into actions is an amazing way to use your new crystals!


Boss Babe Collection

Drink Pairings:

AM- Cold Brew, lets face it, you’re going to need a lot of energy to crush those goals and nothing does the job quite like cold brew!

PM- Champagne, after a day of absolutely killing it, you deserve some bubbles! Make sure you celebrate every milestone, no matter how big or small!


GWB Boss Babe on Spotify


I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire”

“Success, money and happiness come easily into my life”


Write down what your ideal vision for you life is, in the present tense. What would the best life boss babe version of you do on the average day? What does she wear? What does she eat? What car does she drive? Where does she work from? Be as detailed as possible!


Love On Top Collection

Drink Pairings:

AM- Chai Latte, if there ever was a drink that felt like a warm, loving hug, it’s a chai latte.

PM- Rosé, call me easily suggestible through marketing, but what is it about the color pink that screams love?


GWB Love On Top on Spotify


“I love myself and am worthy of being loved”

“I love and accept myself unconditionally”


Time for some self care! Take a very intentionally indulgent bath. Choose essential oils like rose and cinnamon, light candles, surround yourself with your gems, pour yourself some wine, put your specially curated playlist on and enjoy your company! Think about everything about yourself that makes you worthy of love for you and others.


Money Moves Collection

Drink Pairings:

AM- Anything from a coffee shop. I remember in the days before “making it” how much I struggled financially and everything about saving money said “give up your morning coffee shop habit!” as if i could even afford a $5 cup every day… Now I “splurge” multiple times week because it reminds me that I’ve made it!

PM- Anything top shelf. Do you have Veuve, Grey Goose or some rare bourbon on your bar cart? Don’t save it for a special occasion, indulge because it’s Wedensday!


GWB Money Moves on Spotify


“Money flows to me in unexpected ways”

“I am in harmony with the energy of money”


Clean out your purse! Is your purse full of straw wrappers, receipts, loose change and crinkled up money? Would you want to live in a house that is that messy? Well money doesn’t want to live there either! Increase the flow of cash into your life by making your purse and wallet somewhere it wants to live!


Unfunk Yourself Collection

Drink Pairings:

AM- Espresso Affogato, coffee AND ice cream? how could you be in a bad mood with that combo? Energize your inner child and I promise you’ll get out of you funk!

PM- If life gives you lemons, add some limes and make it a margarita! Have you ever seen an unhappy person drinking a margarita? Bonus good vibes if you pair it with some chips and guac!


GWB Unfunk Yourself of Spotify


“My strength is greater than any struggle”

“"I choose to be happy and grateful today”


Keep a gratitude journal! There’s actually scientific proof that daily gratitude repairs your DNA and adds years to your life, AND makes your more than 10% happier (that’s the amount your happiness would increase if you were told your salary was being doubled!).


Yasss Queen! Collection

Drink Pairings:

AM- Herbal tea, I always feel so in touch with the Universe while drinking herbal tea, is that weird?

PM- Red wine, why is this the drink that comes to mind when I think about getting down with my witchy side? I just picture a big crystal goblet of red wine sitting on a altar while I meditate in front of my vision board.


GWB Yassss Queen! on Spotify


“I am connected with my intuition and am one with the Universe”

“I protect my energy and can give freely to others without losing any of mine”


Release the things that are no longer serving you, so that you have the space to welcome Divine energy. Write down grudges you’re holding onto on a piece of paper. When it’s all out, use love and forgiveness to release these grudges, and in a safe space, light the paper on fire and watch it turn to ash.