LaCroix Taste on a Tap Water Budget

LaCroix Taste on a Tap Water Budget:

"Acting As If" and Infusing Abundance Into Your Every Day Life

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There's a concept in the manifestation world known as "acting as if"; basically you set a goal and 'act as if' you've already achieved it. Sometimes this is taking a moment to feel the way you will feel once something amazing happens to you:

ex: Say you're up for a big promotion, imagine what it will feel like when your boss calls you into their office and informs you that not only are they offering you the position, the company has also agreed to meet your salary requirements. Imagine calling your mom to tell her the news, going out with your best friend for celebratory drinks (your treat of course!), and imagine buying that thing you've been really wanting but have been putting off because it would have been too tight on your previous salary. Be super specific and really let yourself feel it! Its crazy powerful!

The other way to welcome success and abundance into your life, even if you don't have a specific goal like a promotion, is to 'act as if' you're already living the life of the successful version of yourself. What does that life look like to you? Is it a designer handbag? Not even thinking about the $4.99 delivery fee on your $10 dinner order even though you have food you could totally make in the fridge? (That example is so oddly specific its obviously personal...) Taking trips whenever the mood strikes you? If those things are unrealistic to you at this stage of the game, there are super affordable, even totally free ways to infuse abundance into your every day life. Here are my top 5 favorite ways to start 'acting as if' you already have everything you want!

Paint Your NailsFree

The successful version of me really has her shit together. Her underwear matches her bra, she puts her debit card back in it's designated spot in her wallet every time, and her nails always look perfect because she gets a $45 gel manicure every two weeks. Until you're financially ready to make that a priority, painting your nails at home is totally free (at most it's $9 if you don't like any of the 20 nail polishes you probably already have...) and it's a great way to make yourself feel instantly better. Pick a neutral color if chips drive you crazy, or something really bold for nonstop compliments!

Take a Bath- Free

If you follow me on Instagram you know I LOVE a bath, they are the ultimate in self care! Showers are utilitarian, necessary daily tasks, but baths are indulgent, frivolous, and totally amazing! Light candles or incense, add essential oils, epsom salts, or a bath bomb, put on your favorite playlist, pour yourself a glass of anything bubbly, and relax! I have a bamboo tray that goes across the tub where I put my candles, a magazine and a drink, I got it on Amazon and it was $24, super cheap for something that makes a free experience feel like I'm in an expensive spa. You can also find really affordable bath bombs on Amazon!

Use Up Your Samples- Free

I used to have a super limiting habit of saving up free samples if I knew the product was expensive. I think I felt like I was saving it for something special, but you know what? Fuck That. My whole life is special. Besides, the successful version of myself would just order the real size of the product if I loved it and ran out!

Do Things With Intention- Free

Successful me has time to draw a bath, light candles, put on a face mask, and soak until my fingers are pruney, with the sole intention of relaxing. She doesn't need to quickly shower and run out the door. Successful me has time to grind up coffee beans and put a kettle on every morning, taking time to prepare the french press and sit and sip out of my "Boss Lady" mug at my kitchen island while mentally preparing for the day ahead, with the sole intention of starting the day off on the right foot. She doesn't need to dash out the door, hoping there isn't a line at the Starbucks drive-thru because she's already running behind. Successful me has time to uncork a bottle of Chardonnay, and assemble a plate with crackers, cheese, local honey, blueberries and almonds, after a long day at work, with the sole intention of winding down and indulging myself. She doesn't need to scarf down a microwave meal before picking the house up and throwing a load of laundry in. What 'meaningless' task do you do once a week that you can start making intentional?

Buy Yourself Something You Don't Need- $Dealers Choice$

At my poorest of poor, we're talking stealing Taco Bell sauce packets to add them to my ramen noodles to change the flavor, I bought myself a Herseys Chocolate Bar every time I went to the grocery (for more ramen noodles...). I would take it home, put it in the fridge and once it was cold, I would carefully break it into individual squares and savor every piece while watching episodes of Sex and the City. (Now you know why my cat and dog's names are Aiden and Mr. Big...) Should I have been saving up that money for gas, or my own bottle of hot sauce? Absolutely. Do I regret buying chocolate instead? No fucking way. Now that I know more about manifestation I know back then I was already acting as if. Successful me would indulge herself with a treat and watch her favorite show, poor me went ahead and did it. Don't put yourself into debt, but don't deny yourself things either. Maybe it's a coffee from Starbucks instead of making your own today, or maybe it's a massage. I personally just ordered a rainbow sequin bomber jacket because I wanted it. Totally unnecessary, totally worth it.

The most important thing about 'acting as if' is your mindset. You don't have to spend a dime to live abundantly, success is a state of mind. Working a job you hate to fund a project you love? Eating ramen noodles every night to afford your rent? Blogging from a crappy laptop with a cracked screen because you can't afford a new one? Your present life is part of your success story, so start acting like it!


Danielle DeWine