Good Vibes Hive Intention Candles

I am excited to announce a project that I have been very passionately working on for some time is finally ready to be shared with the world! Meet Good Vibes Hive Intention Candles!

Since ancient times candles have been a way to connect to the Universe. The flame represents light and energy, and is a great tool for manifestation. Good Vibes Hive Candles are infused with scents traditionally associated with each intention, making them that much more effective! Light them and repeat your favorite mantra!

Not into all this "woo-woo" stuff? Just think of it as a really amazing smelling soy candle with a 60 hour burn time! (Just don't be surprised when you start attracting some positive energy!) 

Available for sale at my Salon Loft (4400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43224/Loft #4) and if popular demand calls for it, potentially this website! $15 each or two for $25

  • LOVE (Jasmine/Sage/Cinnamon/Ginger): Whether it's self love or the love of someone else you crave, this perfect balance of the masculine and feminine will transport you into a state of warmth and affection.  Mantra: I attract the love of others because I love and value myself
  • PEACE (Lavender/Ylang Ylang/ Chamomile): Perfect to light before a bubble bath and soak your stress and anxiety away. Mantra: I am strong, calm, centered and peaceful
  • ABUNDANCE (Orange/Bergamot/Frankincense): With a scent as rich as this, you wont be able to help feeling luxurious. Mantra: There is an abundance of wealth in the world and it flows freely to me
  • MOTIVATION (Peppermint/Vanilla/Yuzu): Need a little push? Whether its finishing a big project, cleaning your house, or just getting off the couch from your latest binge-watching session, this will give you the kick you need! Mantra: I have the energy and drive to accomplish anything I strive to complete
Danielle DeWine