Each Vibe Vault Includes:

  • One Good Vibes Hive Intention Candle

  • Five Crystals to support your intention

  • One bundle of sage

  • One stick of palo santo

  • One card that explains each crystal’s properties and a list of affirmations to program each crystal with your intention

  • One card full of rituals to manifest your intention, and journaling prompts to work through issues holding you back from achieving your goals

Vibe Vaults

Setting intentions is a powerful tool for manifestation and your new Vibe Vault contains everything you need to amplify fulfilling your desires; all you need is a positive mindset and to trust in the wisdom of The Universe! Provided inside are five crystals who's vibrations support the energy of your goal, white sage and palo santo for clearing negative energy and cleansing your crystals, beautifully designed postcards full of affirmations, ritual ideas and journaling prompts, and a Good Vibes Hive Intention Candle. Since ancient times candles have been a way to connect to The Universe; the flame represents light and energy and is a great tool for manifestation, and the candle is infused with scents traditionally associated with each intention, making them that much more powerful! Candles are hand-poured in Columbus, Ohio and feature a 60 hour burn time, natural soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and cotton paper wicks for a candle that is long-lasting, clean burning, and true to scent.

Vibes currently supported are Motivation, Peace, Love and Abundance!