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Woo Woo 101 with Dani Sage

Interested in learning more about how you can incorporate metaphysical tools and rituals into your day to support you in living your best life? Curious about the what, when, why and how of things like manifestation, crystals, tarot cards, and energy clearing? Want to build a community of like-minded individuals who won’t look at you like you’re crazy when you start talking about chakras and moon cycles? Then Woo Woo 101 is the place for you! Total newbies and already woo wise people welcome!

“Woo Woo” is defined as unconventional beliefs, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine. Traditionally the term is used with negative connotations, but I’m taking it back! (It’s just too fun to say!) So come join me in learning the basics in a fun, non-intimidating environment and get your woo on, boo!

Held on the third Thursday of every month at 4041 N High St (suite 401D) in Clintonville, each series will include a look at the basics of each month’s topic and will provide additional resources, journaling prompts and rituals, and 20% off everything in the Good Vibes Hive shop the evening of the event!

Space for this series will be VERY limited each month, so when tickets go on sale be sure to jump on them!

The Good Vibes Hive would love to collaborate and bring Dani’s signature “WooWoo 101” series to your space! Perfect for yoga studios, salons, co-working spaces, and boutiques! Click here for more information!