Good Vibes Hive Clintonville

Are you local to Columbus, Ohio? I am in the beautiful mid century modern building of 4041 N High St in Clintonville overlooking The Park of Roses. My dream for The Good Vibes Hive is to see my Instagram feed come to life. My Hive is a space for self care, indulgence and getting in touch with the wise, wild woman within! In addition to my manicure and pedicure services, I offer crystal healing sessions, tarot card readings, private events, and a thoughtfully curated boutique that takes all the intimidation and overwhelm out of selecting all the woo woo tools to amplify your intentions to live your best life! My clients have always been my number one priority and to be able to serve them in a space that allows complete relaxation and privacy is something I’m grateful to be able to do, and I hope you value as well!

For the comfort and indulgence of my clients, business hours are by appointment only. If you need to stop by and purchase something from one of the amazing brands I carry, or add to your crystal collection, please feel free to contact me at (937)360-6094 or and make sure you’re following on Instagram @goodvibeshive for Pop-Up Shop and event announcements!


Salon Services

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry I have a passion for building lasting relationships with my clients.  I specialize in natural nail care for manicures and pedicures, with a focus on an impeccable finished product while ensuring the integrity of the nail. Whether your intentions are to maintain presentable hands and feet, show your unique style with hand painted nail art, or to indulge yourself for a special occasion, you'll be treated to a personalized, relaxing experience with careful attention to cleanliness every time.

Select from three different manicure and pedicure packages custom designed to fit every individual’s needs, long-lasting gel polish manicures, and length enhancing acrylic services.


Crystal Healing Sessions

Feeling out of alignment? Need “powered up” before a big event? Need to raise your vibe while going through less than ideal times?

Everything in the world has a vibrational frequency. Just like magnets use energy to retract or repel, healing stones and crystals use energy in the same way. When you place crystals on and around your body your energy shifts and vibrates in accordance with the properties and energetic signature of the crystal, raising your vibes to optimal frequency!

I will work with you on where in your life you’re feeling “low vibe”, intuitively select the crystals that will raise your frequency, and provide you with a relaxing, restorative session, supported by sound and aromatherapy.



Intuitive tarot reading

They don’t really tell the future. It’s a common misconception that during a tarot reading you’re going to hear something along the lines of “You’re going to meet a tall, dark man, named Andy, and fall madly in love”. But really they’re just a tool of guidance to connect to your own inner wisdom. I like to say a tarot reading shines light on the outcome of the path the person receiving the reading is on. Past influences, and current mindset both affect the reading, and in most card layouts the final card is the eventual outcome should you stay on your current path, but you always have the power to shift all of these factors and alter the outcome.

You can use your intuitive tarot reading to gain clarity on something in your life you’re unsure about, or you can leave it open to receive whatever message the Universe feels you need to hear at this moment!




New to crystals and need some help on selecting the best ones to start or grow your collection? Looking for a way to incorporate tangible tools to manifest your best life, while harnessing the power of the Earth? I will help you choose which crystals are best for you and offer guidance on how to use the ones we’ve selected. You’ll receive a crystal care card, palo santo and a $15 credit towards anything purchased in the shop that day!


Interested in learning more about how you can incorporate metaphysical tools and rituals into your day to support you in living your best life? Curious about the what, when, why and how of things like manifestation, crystals, tarot cards, and energy clearing? Want to build a community of like-minded individuals who won’t look at you like you’re crazy when you start talking about chakras and moon cycles? Then Woo Woo 101 is the place for you! Total newbies and already woo wise people welcome!

“Woo Woo” is defined as unconventional beliefs, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine. Traditionally the term is used with negative connotations, but I’m taking it back! (It’s just too fun to say!) So come join me in learning the basics in a fun, non-intimidating environment and get your woo on, boo!

Held on the third Thursday of every month, each series will include a look at the basics of each month’s topic and will provide additional resources, journaling prompts and rituals, and 20% off everything in the Good Vibes Hive shop the evening of the event!

Space for this series will be VERY limited each month, so when tickets go on sale be sure to jump on them!

$35 per series