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Good Vibes can be found when hard work, hustle and your inner Miranda Priestly collide with self care, spirituality and your inner Goddess. When you value authenticity and empathy, but know the importance of a chic handbag and a glass of Veuve Clicquot. When you get as much pleasure from standing over the sink eating ice cream out of the pint, as you get from an eight course chef’s tasting at a James Beard award winning restaurant. If you’re just as likely to go for a tarot reading as you are to go for a pedicure, you’ve come to the right place!

The Good Vibes Hive is all about empowering women to start living their happiest, most authentic life. Inspiring creative women with a purpose with a little boss girl magic, founder Dani DeWine Sage is here to support you every step of the way!

Are you local to Columbus, Ohio? I am in the beautiful mid century modern building of 4041 N High St in Clintonville overlooking The Park of Roses. My dream for The Good Vibes Hive is to see my Instagram feed come to life. My Hive is a space for self care, indulgence and getting in touch with the wise, wild woman within! In addition to my manicure and pedicure services, I offer crystal healing sessions, tarot card readings, private events, and a thoughtfully curated boutique that takes all the intimidation and overwhelm out of selecting all the woo woo tools to amplify your intentions to live your best life! My clients have always been my number one priority and to be able to serve them in a space that allows complete relaxation and privacy is something I’m grateful to be able to do, and I hope you value as well! For booking information, local events, and more details on services offered, click the link below!

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Gems With Benefits

Gems With Benefits is an intentionally curated collection, filled with everything you need to get started exploring crystals and manifesting your best life! Taking all the guesswork and intimidation out of beginning and expanding your journey into the world of Woo Woo.

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