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If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know how passionate I am about making all the “woo woo” goodness accessible and relatable for the average woman, who might typically feel intimidated by the thought of walking into a stereotypical metaphysical shop. After the success of Vibe Vaults in 2018 and the opening of my brick and mortar Good Vibes Hive two months ago, I wanted to take this to the next level! So I’m excited to announce my new line: Gems With Benefits! Think of Gems With Benefits as your new must have accessory, but instead of your go-to statement necklace that levels up any outfit, each collection up levels your life!

Each Gems With Benefits is an intentionally curated collection, filled with everything you need to get started exploring crystals and manifesting your best life! Taking all the guesswork and intimidation out of beginning and expanding your journey into the world of Woo Woo, each Gems With Benefits collection includes five crystals with their uses and descriptions, sustainably sourced palo santo, a crystal grid, and guides for taking care of and making the most out of your new jewel tools! (As well as a link to bonus information like rituals and affirmations, drink pairings for AM and PM, and Spotify playlists curated for each collection!)

Each Gems With Benefits Collection is $33 with shipping costs built in!


Gems With Benefits Collections


Boss Babe

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring girl boss who could use a little help and a lot of magic while building your empire and leveling up? This one’s for you!

The Boss Babe collection is curated with gems that support feeling like your best self and leaving a great first impression, communication and speaking your truth (so great for you social media influencers out there!), the energy and focus to get shit done, positive energy while making difficult decisions, and amplifying the intention to manifest your most successful business or side hustle!

$33 (Price Includes Shipping!)


Yassss queen!

What’s a queen without her crown chakra?! Need a little help getting in touch with the wise, wild woman within? Are you a lightworker or energy healer who knows the value of incorporating crystals into your spiritual practice? This one’s for you!

The Yassss Queen collection is curated with gems that support connecting with the Divine Feminine, protecting your own precious energy, uncovering your life’s purpose, clearing your head to allow your intuition to thrive, and amplifying the intention to manifest your powers for the highest good!

$33 (Price Includes Shipping!)


money moves

More money, more problems? They just didn’t know where to spend it! Could you use some support letting the flow of abundance into your life? Need a little more luxury to come your way? This one’s for you!

The Money Moves collection is curated with gems that support attracting abundance, remaining positive while working through money blocks, inspiration for ways to increase your cash, making positive decisions while achieving goals, and amplifying the intention to manifest your most luxurious, decadent life!

$33 (Price Includes Shipping!)


love on top

Newly or perpetually single? Need to breathe some life back into your long term relationship? Want a little support working on the most important relationship in you life: the one with yourself? This one’s for you!

The Love On Top collection is curated with gems that support nurturing compassion, attracting love, overcoming struggles with infidelity and forgiveness, setting emotional boundaries, indulging in self care rituals, and amplifying the intention to manifest your most fulfilling and mutually supportive relationships!

$33 (Price Includes Shipping!)


Unfunk Yourself

Going through a major life shift, like a breakup or career change? Feeling like you’re stuck in a funk without a reason and need to raise your vibe? This one’s for you!

The Unfunk Yourself collection is curated with gems that support releasing negative energy, feelings of joy, gratitude, and playfulness, inner strength and confidence to change the things you can’t accept, and amplifying the intention to manifest your best mood and attract positive vibes!

$33 (Price Includes Shipping!)

All crystal properties are based on metaphysical beliefs, and should not be used as a substitute for medical care.