New Level, Same Devil

Recently at a tarot pop up I did, my interpretation of a card brought up the fact that the woman receiving the reading felt uncomfortable sharing anything about her business on social media because she didn’t want to be annoying or sales-y.

Ugh, I felt that. When I first opened my salon two and a half years ago I worried about my friends and family thinking it was obnoxious for posting when I had availability, when I was trying out new products, or when I was running a special on services. Let me say that again: I was worried that my friends and family (people who should be the most supportive) would think I was annoying for trying to make my sole source of income, the reason I’m able to eat and pay my mortgage, successful. If me then came to me now with that concern I would tell her “If anyone has an issue with your hustle: Fuck ‘em.”

But as they say, “New Level, New Devil”, and this reading happened at the time I was launching the new iteration of my business, Good Vibes Hive Clintonville, and I found myself relating to the woman receiving the reading in a way that totally surprised me. Actually in this case it was “New Level, Same Devil”, and the feeling of not wanting to annoy anyone while plugging my new offers, products and services returned like some video game boss I was certain I had defeated several levels ago.

With my excitement and renewed vigor for my business I was bursting with ideas and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone! Tarot reading pop ups, crystal healing sessions, Woo Woo 101 workshops, two new “vibes” in my line of intention candles, a panel with Haven Collective, and interview feature with #614fempreneur, and my private shopping events; I was striking while the iron was hot with excitement about my new venture! Then all it took to knock me off my high was an Instagram post that “didn’t get as many likes as usual”. I thought I had pushed my friends, family and followers to their limit of being happy for me. I could see them rolling their eyes at my post as they scrolled through their feed and saying “Ugh, there she goes again plugging her business, doesn’t she ever think of anything else?” *unfollow*

I know where this icky feeling comes from. My DM’s are bombarded everyday with “Hey girl! Love your page! I have an amazing opportunity that I would hate for you to miss! Let’s connect so I can tell you about this amazing offer!” I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… But that’s not what I do!

Luckily I am VERY experienced in stopping the self-doubt train before it flies off the rails and crashes and burns. Here’s my little pep talk I give myself when I’m worried about coming off as annoying while promoting my business:

First of all, do you think Kylie Jenner worries about being annoying when she’s posting about KylieCosmetics? No, she hits “post” and waits for her next billion dollars to roll in. Or how about one of your personal idols, Cara Alwill Leyba of The Champagne Diet, do you think she worries about being annoying when she posts about her podcast, books, the Forbes article she was featured in, and her vintage shop all in one day? I seriously doubt it.

But I know you’re a numbers girl so let me remind you of your favorite statistic: twenty percent of your customers are responsible for 80 percent of your income. So your post only got 100 likes, if 20%of those people book a service, tell their friend about you, or show up to a private shopping event, you just paid all your bills. If everyone else blocked or unfollowed you chances are they were never going to support your business (financially or energetically) anyways. Stop focusing on the people you might annoy, and start giving your 20% ride or dies the content they want! Chances are they’re very busy business women and NEED the reminder every day! Who cares if some girl you went to high school with unfollows you! You’re amazing and people want to support you! Why take that opportunity away from them at the risk of feeling annoying!

And if someone does get annoyed that you plugged your business in between pretty pictures, tips, and words of advice: Fuck ‘em.

Not everyone is going to rush to support you, there’s a really strong chance that friends and family will NEVER repost something of yours on social media, show up to the grand opening of you business, or purchase any of your products. You have to accept that not everyone is you client, and I promise as disappointing as it is sometimes, you’re doing amazing without them.

Danielle DeWine