Crystals for Your Home

In honor of living in such a crazy real estate market and so many friends buying houses or getting new apartments this spring, I thought I’d do a post on the best woo woo tools to bring to a house warming party!

First of all: Champagne. Your loved one just made one of the biggest purchases they’ll make in their whole life, you can splurge on a $70 bottle of bubbles for them…

Sage and/or palo santo: Who knows what kind of vibes they’ve just inherited in their new home! Maybe the couple had a toxic relationship, maybe the kids were assholes, maybe there’s a ghost named Martha that’s going to knock things over because you removed the wallpaper she put up. Clear that energy and start fresh!

Selenite: This is an awesome crystal because it actually cleanses other crystals! Not only that, it’s a magnet for good vibes! Place it on a living room windowsill!

Citrine: They just spent a shit ton of money. Give them this stone to attract wealth and abundance into their life! Place in a purse, office, or the corner of the house farthest left from the front door.

Tourmaline: Everyone has a family member that just drains them when they come over. Help them protect their energy with this protective stone. Place near the front door.

Carnelian: This stone of passionate energy and confidence is duel purpose for both the bedroom and the home office!

Fluorite: Another duel purpose stone, it helps you keep a clear head, so either place it in the bedroom to help with the to do list that keeps you awake, or in an office/study area.

Opalite: This is a great soothing and calming stone, another perfect one for the bedroom or nursery!

Apatite: Helps with making healthy choices, great for a kitchen or home gym!

Green Adventurine: This is another good one for the home office as it helps you remain positive while paying bills!

Rose Quartz: What house doesn’t need more loving, positive energy in it? This is a must have! Place anywhere you could use more good vibes, like the bedroom, near the bathtub for self care, or in the living room.

Of course they also need a Good Vibes Hive Intention Candle! Fill their home with the scent of good vibes and help them attract more Peace, Love, Motivation, Abundance, Gratitude or Bliss!

Danielle DeWine