Woo Woo Wednesday: Crystals and Stones

I know anything “new age spirituality” type woo woo stuff can get a bad reputation, and maybe things like crystals and sage are intimidating to you, but I promise you can be a corporate ladder climbing, mani/pedi getting, designer handbag buying, modern boss babe and use tools like this authentically and effectively. You don’t need to identify as a witch or wiccan to use tools and rituals to amp up your intentions, you don’t even really need to know what you’re doing, you just need to embrace the tools and rituals that speak to you, and come from a place positivity!


For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to rocks. My family members like to tease me about my childhood habit of putting rocks in my pockets that I had found, sometimes so many that my pants would be falling down. Last year at a family reunion someone jokingly asked me if I still do that, and I think they were surprised when I answered “No, I keep them in my bra now!”. (I wasn’t pulling their leg, I always have a polished rose quartz in my left cup, that boob is slightly smaller than the right one, so there’s room for it….lol) I think I follow every Etsy shop and crystal auctioneer on Instagram, and I make regular trips to my local metaphysical shop to buy anything I’m drawn to, I have crystals in every room of my house, my car, my salon, I put them in my drinking water, take baths with them, and even my dogs get regular chakra balancing sessions with them!

What are crystals and stones?

Crystals and stones have been around since the beginning of time, crystals are formed when a liquid solidifies, and stones are formed by minerals under heat and pressure. Almost every ancient civilization has used them in some way, from the Mayans to the Romans, from Cleopatra to Spencer Pratt. They were used for healing, and protection and still are to this day.

Why do crystals and stones work?

They emit a tangible energy that remains at a constant frequency. When your vibes are low, simply holding a crystal can raise your vibration. Did you know your cell phone, computer and television all have a silicon processor chip that powers them? Silicon is derived from quartz, granite, and other minerals, and is where “Silicon Valley” gets its name. If these chips can be programmed to do the amazing things they do every day, why is it such a stretch to believe the stones they’re made from can hold amazing powers, and easily programmed with energy and intention, as well? If you’re a “I don’t believe it unless there’s physical proof they work” kind of person, crystals aren’t for you, but don’t let me catch you praying, using essential oils, or eating some extreme diet then….

How do I choose a crystal or stone?

Don’t overthink it. If you have a specific intention you’re trying to manifest, you can look up what crystals are known to be good for that intention; but my favorite way to choose a crystal is to just buy what feels right. Since they vibrate different energies you’ll be attracted to what you need. About a month ago I purchased a huge piece of polished rhodanite because I thought it was pretty, when I looked up its uses I discovered it balances emotions, and helps remove anger and resentment. Out of nowhere I began to have emotional breakthroughs about fears and frustrating habits that stem from my childhood, and I used the stone to meditate for acceptance, forgiveness and self love. You’ll be drawn to what you need, and if you buy something just because you like it, guess what? You now own something beautiful that makes you happy!

How do I utilize crystals and stones in my every day life?

The possibilities are endless, but first you need to “program” your crystals. Cleanse your crystals with sage, palo santo, or the light of a full moon, and then while holding your crystal in your hand, start raising your vibration. Think of things that fill you with joy, inspire you, and make you happy. Once your vibe is high, set an intention for your crystal and communicate it in the way that feels right to you. I like to say something like “I ask this citrine to vibrate at the frequency of abundance and guide my actions to manifest professional success and financial freedom. And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of carrying them with you. A rose quartz in the bra, a hematite in the lowest pocket of your jeans, a citrine in your purse…you get the idea. I also place them around my house and in my salon, Feng Shui dictates different areas of the home for specific purposes (love, money, creativity, health, etc…) so you can place stones there, or you can also put them where you feel they’ll best serve their intention. Put an abundance stone where you tend to pay bills or balance your finances, put a love stone in your bedroom, put a grounding stone where you meditate, or put a stone for communication near your keyboard. They can be incorporated into different rituals, (I personally LOVE Witchy Wisdom’s new/full moon ritual email subscription!) and held during meditation. I carry Love by Luna, a line of crystal infused nail polish inspired by astrology signs, for my clients to choose from at the salon! I don’t believe there’s any wrong way to use crystals and stones, heck, they even make dildos and yoni eggs out of them!

My favorite crystals and stones:

  • Rose Quartz- It’s pink, so obviously I love it, but it’s a great stone for protecting your heart chakra, (since I work so closely with clients every day, this stone is invaluable) raises your confidence, and promotes LOVE! Put one in your bra to protect your heart from bad vibes.

  • Citrine- This promotes my three favorite things: happiness, abundance, and manifestation! Place one where you pay bills, in your purse, or the place you collect forms of payment! I have a big chunk in the “money corner” of my house (the place furthest left from your front door) to attract abundance into the home!

  • Sodalite- This stone increases confidence, communication and intuition. There’s always a piece around when I’m writing a new blog post, or working on my book.

My favorite sources for crystals and stones:

More information:

  • Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro is an amazing resource for information on crystals, rituals to perform, and it’s just a BEAUTIFUL book to flip through.

  • The Goddess Discovery Book by Cassie Uhl, Aside from being pretty, this book is interactive and chock full of information.

Danielle DeWine